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Friday, August 3rd 2012

9:57 AM

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Related article: quivered the slightest but then he would bite softly upon it as if to stop
himself from going any further. His eyes looked everywhere but at me. That
same flush had not left his cheeks and his leg was shifting back and
forth. He was uncomfortable and that made me very happy. I know, I sound
like such a cold hearted bastard. Not really. He was uncomfortable because
while he had probably dreamed of being alone with me, they had always been
in dreams and every time I had actually come here, it had always been with
other people. He knew that, but there was one important bit of knowledge
that he didn't have just yet. The fact that I liked him, I wanted him. More
than I had ever wanted anything before. So instead of speaking up or
tactfully pulling a topic of interest out of my ass, instead of doing
something helpful, I leaned forward and I kissed him.
I wish I could say that there were fireworks and I suddenly learned my
life's purpose but that's not quite what incest and beastiality stories by kristen happened. Okay, dog ttube sex porn that isn't what
happened at all. The moment I pressed my lips to Ben's, even before and
really get into it, the lips that I felt against mine were gone and when I
opened my eyes, so was Ben. I looked up. He was standing just in front of
the chair he'd been sitting on and his eyes were wide. This would have made
me laugh but after further review of his face I saw that his jaw was tight
and his lips were a thin, thin line. The air in the room had changed
too. No longer was it a mix between comfort and discomfort. Now it was
alive with something that I couldn't quite identify. I tried to stand but
Ben stepped back and his brows snapped together and the surprise on his
face was filled with two emotions I had seen often to know what they
were. He was angry and hurt. That it was my fault went without saying. I
tried to speak up, to maybe explain myself but he wasn't having it.
"No? don't," he said. He animal sex free photo swallowed hard and I watched as his Adam's apple
bobbed up and then back down. My eyes returned to his face and he wasn't
looking at me again. Without warning, his eyes found mine and his voice was
no longer the friendly one we had all dog pics xxx portal grown to know and love. It indian animal head dress
layered with annoyance, anger, and hurt. So many emotions we had all the
ability to act out at a drop of a hat. Seeing it, and hearing it now? I
just couldn't get my head around it.
"What? did someone put you up to this, Andy? Or was it a group of you? all
getting together and deciding to pull a prank on me? Did you think I would
find this funny? 'Go kiss Ben for old times's sake, it'll be a great
laugh'." His nostrils flared as he bit his lip again and I could see that
he was shaking. If I didn't know him so well and hadn't come to know all of
his quirks this would have passed without me ever noticing. The fact that I
noticed had me on my feet. I was concerned and maybe later on we would all
laugh about this--or maybe just Ben and I--but that couldn't happen if I
didn't do something. I walked to him, cutting around men fuck with animals the chair as if I
wasn't even aware of it. Ben stepped back again and I just stopped. I
sighed heavily. Maybe this wasn't the best plan. Maybe I shouldn't have
teased and joked and kept my actual feelings to myself. I smiled
apologetically, shaking my head.
"You've got it all wrong, Moss," I told him with a little laugh. I licked
my lips and shrugged again. Lay it all on the table, get it all in the
open. "This is no joke: I really do like you."
The way Ben's eyebrows snapped upward and his eyes grew wide, I knew that
image would be stored in my mind forever. I free animal cumshot movies
didn't care about it then as I
closed the distance between us. My hands reached out, one closing into
Ben's pajama shirt--very flannel--and the other closing around his forearm
as I leaned up enough to press my lips softly to his. My eyes were closed
and I could hear the suddenly frantic beat of both his heart and mine. The
silence all around us was deafening and then, after what felt like an
eternity, Ben's lips moved against mine, hesitantly. The moment Ben kissed
back it was as if he was the ignition to my feelings. My hands closed
tighter around both shirt and arm, and I moved closer, and my mouth was far
more needy as I grinned into the kiss, my teeth tugging upon Ben's lower
lip before I was kissing him again. He kissed back and soft sounds
somewhere between a squeak and a sigh escaped him. His hands had found my
hips and were tugging me closer and it was becoming very, very hot.
Ben was the one to pull away first but free girl having sex with animals I was grateful--secretly so. I
opened my eyes and couldn't help the smirk that slid across my mouth at the
sight before me. Ben's cheeks were completely flushed and his lips
deliciously bruised. He licked his own lips and I was very jealous of his
tongue, even if I had been right there a moment before. Then he smiled and
the smile was so adorably embarrassed I couldn't help but laugh. My laugh
was deeper, huskier and it pulled a alpha dog celebrity movie archive similar laugh--lighter and breathier
than my own--from the boy I held. When I glanced at his lips, he bit them
and I could only grin like an idiot. I looked into his eyes and zoo free ped leaned in,
catching those lips once more. Closing my eyes again, I parted my lips and
in tradition, he followed suit. I couldn't believe my lucky stars but who
was I to look a gift horse in the mouth--or, more importantly, turn down
whatever it was that Ben Moss was offering. Not one to beat around the bush
when it came to the things I wanted--and I wanted to do so many things to
this boy--I slipped my tongue into his mouth, so eager to taste every bit
of him.
I don't know how long we stood there kissing or how many times one of us
would pull away only to get right back in their again. It wasn't long until
our tongues were sliding against the other and our hands shoved into our
hair, gripping. When I pulled away next, I turned my attention to a cute
freckled anal massage with animal neck. I pressed kisses to the bit of skin peaking out from his
shirt and then continued a path up his neck. My nose brushed at the hair
just below his ears. When I blew against his ear, he laughed softly and I
pulled away to take in his face. Damn, he is so perfect. I'm not sure how
anything can be so perfect and adorable and cute. To think he'd want
something to do with me--okay, really, who wouldn't?--but seriously, it
amazed me. I was right there. I was in Ben Moss' dorm, tangled into him,
and light headed and love drunk from making out with him. Really, how many
people can say that?
He sighed and this brought me free exotic animal sex back to the present. He bit his lip in that
way if he did that and then asked me to do something, then hell yes I would
do it in a heart beat. He was a tease, that's all I have to say. He might
not be aware of it or whatever but he is one A-Class natural in the teasing
department. This was further proved by the little cheeky smile that flashed
across his face, setting those dimples off like a fireworks show on the
Fourth of July, and those blue eyes shinning with so many things at
once. Fuck, I was sure I could kiss him all night and I sure as hell would
have except Ben chose at that moment to clear his throat and work his way
out of the tangled mess that was us. He just kind of looked around, his
eyes falling to the ground at the Dr. Pepper that had been dropped and
spilled at some point. Most people get mad at this point but either it was
Ben or the who knows how long mack out with me, but he didn't even
spazz. Just kind of looked at it and shrugged.
"Shoot," he said and then turned back to me and I felt my body stiffen as
his eyes traveled up and down its length. The smile returned and he giggled
softly fucking horse 10 before his eyes found mine. "That was? nice."
I snorted and grinned wide, my teeth flashing in a very predatory
smile. "No shit," I said. "And that's definitely the fucking horse 10 understatement of the
year. No, make that century." I fell silent and when he didn't speak again
I knew that the dreaded time had come. I would have to leave. "I guess you
didn't get away so we could get a little more comfortable on your bed?"
Yeah, a long shot free animal sex vclips
but I had to try. He only smiled wider and shook his
head. I pouted, once. Then I crossed the distance, reaching out to cup his
neck as I kissed him goodnight. Rather than gentle and sweet, it was hot
and lingering and needy. He kissed back too and I pulled away just in time
to keep us from entering round two. I left him ddoggprn breathless and wanting and
that was just perfect for me. I winked and waved as I headed back through
the place.
"Night, Moss. Sweet dreams."
"Goodnight, Andy. Think of me."
I had to get out of there or I was liable to pounce him or something. And
thinking of him, well that pretty much went without saying considering the
way my pants felt far tighter than they were supposed to feel. All I could
think of as I headed down the hall way was that it was a low down, dirty
shame that I would need a taxi after all. Tugging my cell phone from my
pocket, I called up a cab and started to imagine Kyle in a really frilly
dress to curb my excitement. It worked, thank god.
Crimson Velvet 1
Crimson Velvet
Chapter One
[Four Year Ago -- 203 CE]
Rosa winced when her armour-plated back smashed right through the pine wooden table beneath her. She hit the ground with a thud, splinters and bits of chipped wood flying every which way, her lengthy golden-brown locks thrashing around her face, while the savage whom had thrown her down loomed above. He shrieked a hideous battle cry and swung his claymore her way. Metal clapped against metal when Rosa parried the blow with her own blade, gritting her teeth. A contest of strength ensued, with the warrior woman pinned to the floor and the barbarian sentry casting his superior strength down upon her. He was stronger than she was. But she was a soldier of the Holy Crusade and therefore far more cunning. While she held his blade at bay Rosa forcefully thrust her boot xxs dog clothes into his stomach.
The barbarian soldier growled in agony and lost focus. As soon as Rosa felt the pressure lessen she batted his sword away with her own. With the break in his momentum she launched herself up from the debris of the dining table then swung her mighty steel around in a graceful arc. The tip of her sword slashed straight through the throat of its victim. The carnivorous barbarian staggered backward, gargling his own blood, before collapsing to the wooden floorboards beneath him.
"Bastard...!" Rosa muttered under her breath. But she had no time to dwell on him. A few moments later she dog cum sharing
heard one of the tough wooden beams that had been supporting the ceiling creak. She glanced upward only to see it snap from its foundations. Rosa snarled and dove out of the way. The flaming rafter crashed into the blackened floorboards near her. The loss of that part of the ceiling frame fuck animals
in turn caused the other rafters to crack and crumble in all the flames and smoke. Rosa coughed violently. In her haste to defeat that zealous barbarian she had forgotten that this building was free animal cumshot movies on fire.
So she wasted no time and ran out of homestead, shielding her squinting eyes from the thick clouds of smoke, dodging between the flames and flaming sex tube dog prno objects, auastralian animal pics
ignoring the desecrated corpses strewn about in bloody, charred piles. She charged out of the flaming house and out into the dirt tracks of the village. Brief moments after her escape the house crumbled into itself. What was left was no more than a pile of flaming debris.
Rosa frowned at the sight whilst catching her breath. To think, that had been a person's home, yet all it took to destroy it and all the memories it garnered was the torch of an infidel. And as soon as their horrors came back to mind she stared at the situation around her. There were dozens of dead bodies littering and bloodying the dirt tracks. Some were of the barbarians, their haggard features, pale skin and primitive dress instilling terror. But most were of her fellow soldiers. They wore the same armour as she, painted a dusky red, as well as sporting the same weapons -- a standard-issue broadsword and a miniscule dagger strapped to the buckle of their belts. They were the best of the conscripted soldiers of the Holy Crusade, the sacred army amassed to crush the barbarian hordes that had penetrated the Silesian borders of the Elcourvian Empire. The men and women assembled here were some of her closest comrades.

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Friday, August 3rd 2012

12:00 AM

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